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Linux As smartphone prices decline, they have become more popular every day. Symbian, PalmOS, Windows Mobile and Linux seem to be the big names in this high-end market of phones, all showcasing PDA-like features, native toolkits and fast processors. Today we are looking at one of the most popular Linux smartphones (especially in Asia), the Motorola E680i, which was released around May 2005 and was graciously provided by for this article.
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Maybe if you had included the ^^^ information

And here is the last paragraph of the review:

[i]Having said all that, this remains a good Linux phone. It has a pretty fast boot time (for a Linux) and it comes with 2 styluses and 2 batteries. Performance is good, overall; it is expandable and extensible (there is even an Opie port with Qt 2.3.10), it's super-stable and works well as a phone. Could it have been done better if Motorola had been more careful on the details and fix some eye-popping obvious bugs/problems? Definitely! But it's almost as good as it goes today with Linux phones and I am pretty sure that future Linux phones will be even better and will compete with Symbian and Windows Mobile more vigorously.[i]

Sound 7/10 positivish to me!

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To me: "It's almost as good as it goes today with Linux phones" == neutral, since all linux phones thus far have pretty much sucked compared to the symbian/windows mobile/etc phones.

As well: "this remains a good Linux phone" == no meaning, a "good Linux phone" can be completely obliterated by the current crop of smartphones (well, I've not used this new one, so I can't qualify that statement).

Thirdly: "Performance is good, overall" <-- I expect any phone I own to be terrific in performance. A slow phone is a brick to throw as far as I'm concerned.

I just don't see that as being a glowing 7/10. Maybe I just see things in a different light. Go ahead and remove my vote if it makes you feel better, you've my permission. I'm sorry for expressing my opinion.

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