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Humor Now that I'm done with my internship and ready to take on OSNews again, I figured it'd be nice to start off with something light-hearted. I just read that Google bought an unmanned aerial vehicle equipped with a camera, ready to photograph whatever it flies across. We may consider Google's biggest threat to be privacy, but with all this computing power they have, their Street View cars, and now, unmanned flying drones, they look more and more like SkyNet to me. So, what's your most likely apocalyptic scenario?
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Google a threat? You're kidding, right?!
by ferrels on Mon 9th Aug 2010 15:36 UTC
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Oh please.... Malevolent governments are more a threat to our privacy than any corporation. So Google has bought a UAV with a camera. How many governments have done this same thing but you've raised no alarm about them? Or do you expect us to believe that when a government buys UAVs to monitor its citizens that they have our best interest in mind?

Sounds to me as if you've invested money in Yahoo or another corporate entity that competes with Google and you're trying to drive Google's stock down.

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I think the whole point of this article is to poke fun at anyone who considers Google's UAV something to be paranoid about.

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