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Internet & Networking Not too long ago Adobe started a "We love Apple" campaign, as a response to Apple's continuous negative remarks about the company. With Flash 10.1 slowly but surely appearing on more and more mobile devices, it seems like the company just doesn't care about it any more. Adobe's CEO Shantanu Narayen has said they've "moved on".
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RE[4]: F* Apple, AND Adobe!
by Kivada on Wed 18th Aug 2010 02:38 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: F* Apple, AND Adobe!"
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Have a throw away gmail account as well I'm running FF 3.6.8, so yeah, I'm seeing all this ajax garbage, it's actually making the web experience suck more now then before there was stopscript and adblock plus. Seriously, all of these sites redesigning and ending up with a complicated POS with half of the functionality then they previously had. Case in point, the Newegg redesign, they've changed some, but not all of the horrid and deceptive design changes, but compare is still broken with the 5 item limit and power search for most sections is badly broken, showing few to no parts that you can find in stock via other means.

Marriage is the leading cause of divorce. I also like my stuff too much to give someone I hate half of it.

That and yes, I've got the social networking time holes blocked at the router as well as on the machines themselves, to force anyone visiting, to, you know, interact with those around them instead of updating their status so someone with more intelligence then them can rob them because they know they aren't home.

So yes, I hate what the web is becoming, it's getting more and more "me too" feature creep with no to negative gain for anyone but the web designers that got paid to fuck up perfectly good sites.

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