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Multimedia, AV You know, I really like America and its citizens. Beautiful country, lovely people, nothing but good experiences on my end. However, like everyone else, the US has its problems, and one particular annoying one is the power of lobby and interests groups. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read that the RIAA and NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) are asking Congress to mandate FM chips in all portable devices - cell phones, mp3 players, PDAs, everything. Wait, what?
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2001?! FM Radio has been dead for ages..FM Radio is so 1981!! I stopped listening to FM Radio in the 1990s because it stopped playing anything worth listening to....this is basically more failed "stimulus" thrown at me and you, for the purpose of keeping a failed business on life support. Mind you that FM could flourish if it actually played something that people aside from illegals, teenagers and thugs could enjoy.

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2001?! FM Radio has been dead for ages..

Well, I said 2001 because that's the year that satellite radio came out. Before then, there really was no 'radio-like' alternative that you could get in your car, AFAIK. I wasn't referring to a particular year that FM started to suck ;)

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Here in the UK, despite DAB being introduced some time back, FM goes from strength to strength. The gov.t has said it plans to shut off FM by 2015 (I think), but still the bidding for frequencies is huge---dwarfing DAB.

And of course with regard to it being 'failed' in the sense of not being interest, having the BBC helps keep things pretty high quality with the comedy, drama &c.

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