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Apple Since interesting news that I'm actually knowledgeable about is still a little hard to come by, I have to work a little harder. This is something interesting to discuss: John Gruber, rather famous Apple blogger, is now arguing that Apple is in fact not fighting the jailbreaking community. Wait, what?
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RE[2]: So, let's review.
by Vargol on Tue 31st Aug 2010 18:11 UTC in reply to "RE: So, let's review."
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Oh yes a jail breaking API.

Now let's write the next iOS virus.

int main(void) {
return 0;

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RE[3]: So, let's review.
by Neolander on Tue 31st Aug 2010 20:36 in reply to "RE[2]: So, let's review."
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This just makes my head hurt.

Root access must be available on the iDevices with or withoug jailbreaking. It is used by iTunes and the App store application, among other things.
Legit jailbreaking just means letting the user run a root terminal app on his phone, in a controlled fashion (ie no rogue app can exploit this terminal app).

Why do you all seem to consider that as a security flaw ? Guys who jailbreak their phone are supposed to know what they are doing and not execute some random script shell in a root terminal. And this kind of user-related security flaw is the *sole* new vulnerability added by jailbreaking.

If jailbreaking didn't exist (which essentially means suppressing the root terminal icon in the phone application panel), root access would still be there for Apple apps. Anyone hacking Apple servers could still remotely shut down all iOS devices in the fashion Apple remotely killed the iPhone 4 prototype. No security flaw would be removed.

How is it hard to understand ?

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RE[4]: So, let's review.
by Vargol on Wed 1st Sep 2010 16:57 in reply to "RE[3]: So, let's review."
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Some Jailbrakers may know what they are doing its the rest that are at risk, the ones that do it just to be cool or to say ner ner to Apple.

Any programmatic API to give root access is a security hole waiting to be exploited by the next trojan and its not just jailbrakers that will be hit, it'll be anyonewho downloads an App that abuses it before it gets spotted and pulled.

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