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AMD I remember a time when you bought ATI instead of NVIDIA, much the same way you still buy AMD instead of Intel. As we all know, AMD bought ATI, further confirming the implicit relationship between the two that already existed anyway. Now, though, the relationship comes to an end, since AMD has confirmed the ATI brand will be phased out.
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Not to worry. Once the open source drivers are complete to the point of usability for games this problem will go away. You can be pretty sure that open source drivers will be high quality.

And this has been the common refrain for how long? Anyways, those who want to play games TODAY purchase nVidea. Those who want to stay on the bleeding edge, get intel or ati/amd video cards.

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It's been the refrain for a long time because it's true and still hasn't happened. I'm not saying you should hold your breath, because it could well be another decade, but eventually we'll get there and things won't suck.

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