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Windows It's been only a mere six months since its first unveiling, but Microsoft has already announced that Windows Phone 7 has been released to manufacturing. This means device makers can start tuning the software to their hardware, leaving plenty of time to release devices before the holiday season.
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RE: Waiting for the advantage
by mrhasbean on Wed 1st Sep 2010 23:58 UTC in reply to "Waiting for the advantage"
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The iPhone has the interface experience and style as well as App ecosystem momentum, Android has openness and extensibility, RIM has business integration. What will Windows Phone have as a killer feature? I suspect they will heavily focus on integration with microsoft networks, office, and of course XBox which we've already seen.

Curious to see if that works out.

They'll also use the Android approach of giving it to all and sundry and letting the handset manufacturers and telcos do their marketing for them, so as long as it's half decent, and it seems to be, it will sell. The AT&T tie-in is undoubtedly restricting iPhone sales in the US and this will give those who want an iPhone but won't go AT&T another viable option.

This could be a real indicator as to who really gives a crap about openness on their phone, and who just wants an iPhone'ish device on someone other than AT&T...

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Droid-X seems to fit that bill *VERY* well. And on Verizon... (yes I know)

/me is looking at his right now.

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WinPho 7 requires manufacturers to follow the minimum spec for the software to be installed and it requires that the manufactures leave the UI alone (they are using the ZuneHD UI) and requires the manufactures to let MS push the software updates to the handsets (since you have a reduced set of hardware to install it on, this is doable)

so, you have the restrictions for the device makers, making it more like the iPhone, and you get an android like app store (meaning more open to submitting) and you do not have to program is fake java. and the programs do not run in a single thread, animations have their own thread for the entire phone, guaranteeing a smooth interaction with the user.

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Wait, which phone OS runs their OS single-threaded? Ok, I've not developed anything for Blackberry, haven't even looked at their SDK, but Java by nature is not single-threaded (though Oracle is upset to some degree because Google has forked from the official Java standard, besides the reason of money directly for licensing) and I know iOS is NOT limited to single-threaded apps by a long shot, so, is WebOS single-threaded? I'm truly curious about that one!

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