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Windows It's been only a mere six months since its first unveiling, but Microsoft has already announced that Windows Phone 7 has been released to manufacturing. This means device makers can start tuning the software to their hardware, leaving plenty of time to release devices before the holiday season.
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RE[3]: All the people I know
by Drumhellar on Thu 2nd Sep 2010 16:43 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: All the people I know"
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With the exception of the .lnk and the .dll vulnerabilities, those affect older, pre-Vista versions of Windows, or affect software that isn't included in a default Windows install. If there are any that (besides the aforementioned vulnerabilities) that apply to Windows 7, I didn't see them, as I feel clicking 6 or 7 links from a single burst of link spam is well beyond generous.

All you have pointed out is that software has vulnerabilities. I could also generate a list of vulnerabilities that effect various Linux distributions, especially if I go back 9 years (the age of XP), or 10 1/2 years (the age of Windows 2000)

The .lnk vulnerability is not so bad. All the shortcuts on my system are created either by installation programs (which I have already trusted to make changes to my system), or by myself. As I have yet to download an app that did not need to be installed, but still included shortcuts, finding such an app would seem suspicious to me.

The .dll is not so bad. It requires a healthy bit of social engineering, requiring a person to browse to a malicious SMB or WebDAV server with Windows Explorer, and double click a file to open it, then click through various warning dialogs about the danger of opening unknown content from untrusted sources.

And, Microsoft has already released a tool that disallows DLL loading from network shares.

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