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BeOS & Derivatives Clemens Zeidler, one of the spearheads for the Stack & Tile implementation on Haiku, has let the Haiku development mailing list know that a new and improved (and refactored) version of the feature has been committed to the Haiku source tree. This new version is no longer a hack into Haiku's app server itself, but is it's own decorator, in Haiku/Be parlance.
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but I notice a lot of regressions in the nightlies that don't was there in Alpha 01

Which is exactly what you would expect from alpha releases.

"Alpha" generally indicates that a piece of software is "incomplete" - meaning that there are still pieces being developed. These developments are always likely to create regressions and stability problems.

When software reaches the "Beta" stage, that is generally when software reaches a "feature freeze", and only bug fixes are being worked on.

It is not uncommon for 2nd or 3rd alpha releases to have more bugs than before - usually because you are nearing a "feature complete" state and developers tend to be rushing to add the missing bits so that bug fixing and polishing can begin ASAP. I can only hope that's what is happening here ;)

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