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Hardware, Embedded Systems So, we have Intel and AMD. These guys are doing pretty well in laptops, servers, and of course desktops, but when it comes to mobile devices, they've so far been unable to adapt the x86 architecture to the stricter requirements that come with those devices. ARM, on the other hand, pretty much owns this market at this point. And you know what? It's time for Intel and AMD to get worried - really worried. ARM has just announced its Cortex-A15 MPCore chips - which will reach 2.5Ghz in quad-core configurations.
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RE[5]: Microsoft Windows + ARM?
by SReilly on Thu 9th Sep 2010 15:29 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Microsoft Windows + ARM?"
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Although you've got some great points there, it wasn't MS that developed the 32bit x86 emulation layer for Alpha (called FX!32), that was Digital. I've yet to find a performance comparison of the apps that ran in this emulation layer but I have found some very positive remarks on NT's own performance on Alpha. I do know that much of NT's 64bit development was originally done on Alpha systems, due to Itanium not being available until much later than expected.

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FX!32 performed, IIRC, about as well as the fastest Pentium Pros at the time.

The problem is, this was on an Alpha running at well over twice the clock speed of said Pentium Pros.

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