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Apple The iPhone jailbreak community is on a roll lately. Not only did the US Library of Congress do the right thing by adding the jailbreaking DMCA exemption, the two major jailbreak application stores - Rock and Cydia - will merge into one. Cydia will acquire Rock, an all Rock applications will be moved into Cydia. There's also some impressive statistics in here that indicate just how popular jailbreaking really is.
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RE[2]: Ug... Rock is so much better
by kvdman on Mon 13th Sep 2010 04:32 UTC in reply to "RE: Ug... Rock is so much better"
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The second time, it kept writing on a file with no reason indefinitely, even when running on the background. This made my battery last for about 3 hours on idle and made the device overheating. The fix required the user to know how to use SSH/Bash, so less technically inclined people were probably screwed.

How'd you fix this? I have the same problem.

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If it's the same thing, you have to ssh in your phone, go to /private/var/mobile/Library/RYP/logs and there should be a file called rockapp_YYYY-MM-DD.log. In my case this file was 17gb. Deleting this and doing a hard reset should fix the problem, but I've read about people that couldn't open the device afterwards or that it messed their package list in Cydia.

Here is a forum thread about it.

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thanks, i'll look at this ;)

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