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Apple I love OSNews, but it does seem like some of its editors enjoy just a little too much taking a good natured jab at Apple upon occasion (well, more like every chance that particular editor can get). I thought it time for a little good news and analysis about Apple that critics often overlook.
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surprise: opinions differ
by l3v1 on Thu 16th Sep 2010 21:16 UTC
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I'm sorry but that just hasn't held true in the last decade. Time and time again you'll find head-to-head comparisons between the price of an Apple system versus the main PC manufacturers (usually Dell) and in most cases Apple is competitive, or often less expensive than a similarly configured PC.

I don't even know why I'm going into this, but it's late, and it's weirdly relaxing, so here you go. We buy desktop PCs from time to time, usually one-two at a time, 90% of them are computation beasts, high end mobos, high end cpus, high end gpus (sometimes multiple), and so on. Rarely, but sometimes we buy branded ones, but most of the time we build them. Why? Because we can always beat the price, with around 30-50%, and with better quality components. Also, outside the U.S. Apple product pricing is sometimes just unbelievable. E.g. I can take any one of the Macbook pro line and find a similar configuration at multiple other brands for half the price. If we're talking Mac pro let's say 8-core, well I've got a beast here on my work desk with higher specs for ~60% of the startig price of that macpro. This pricing argument was never able to hold its ground anyway.

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RE: surprise: opinions differ
by fanboi_fanboi on Thu 16th Sep 2010 21:51 in reply to "surprise: opinions differ"
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Yup. Custom-built PCs with parts from newegg beat the living crap out of similarly priced Apple computer, as far as performance. And, if you purchase the proper combination of parts, they last a loooong time, and have no issues working together.

OTOH, Macs are built similarly, with matched components. But you pay a premium for that, and for OS X.

To each his own, but for me, that premium just isn't worth it.

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RE[2]: surprise: opinions differ
by Morgan on Fri 17th Sep 2010 00:56 in reply to "RE: surprise: opinions differ"
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Keep in mind too that a lot of what you would pay for a Mac goes towards their excellent support system. They control the hardware and software so they can offer a level of support that no other company can match. It's not unheard of for someone to cart an old G4 or G5 Mac to the local Apple store and the Genius behind the counter will look at it and offer advice for free, despite it being over five years out of warranty. To be sure, they won't miss the opportunity to try to upsell you to a new model, but they will be equally happy to help you get your old beast working right again.

Brand loyalty means a hell of a lot to a company like Apple.

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RE[2]: surprise: opinions differ
by mrstep on Fri 17th Sep 2010 01:58 in reply to "RE: surprise: opinions differ"
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It's definitely cool when you install more RAM on your Mac Pro and you get a pop-up utility on your next boot suggesting you move the modules to a different configuration for maximum performance (with current and suggested module layout in the suggestion). Same with video cards. There's just a lot of nice extras in there.

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It depends when you look. Historically, when a new refresh of macs takes place they are pretty close to comparable computers from other name brands. Then a month later, Apple's prices or specs haven't changed, but the competition has increase their specs and lowered their prices. If you blink, you'll miss it.

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RE: surprise: opinions differ
by marsofearth on Sun 19th Sep 2010 17:26 in reply to "surprise: opinions differ"
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I need your email address, so you can build me one of these "beasts" at 50% off!

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