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Apple As I was casually browsing around today, I came across this blog post. It's about the recently released VLC media player for the iPad, which you can use to play just about any video under the sun on your iPad. The blog post is a complaint about a bit of help text that's not properly rendered inside the application - annoying, but no dealbreaker. Until I actually read the text - this is how you're supposed to get content on your iPad?
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This "tiny minority" i sway larger than those who you claim are literate, by orders of magnitude. If that weren't he case then Apple wouldn't be selling these devices as any sane computer "literate" person would most likely not even own one due to the limitations. That is not the case. There are people I know who don't even know how to sync the device at all but still own one.

Look, let's all agree that iTunes sucks, and that Apple should have some form of mounted or filesystem that doesn't require iTunes, even if you can't get to your itunes media (music, videos, etc)from there. But let's also agree that this "article" is stupid.

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Sorry, but that's just untrue. iPads and iPhones are mainly bought by Apple enthusiasts (stats prove this), who all have some basic understanding of how to use a computer, and especially drag & drop, which is actually not only intuitive and easy on Mac OS, but one of the most basic features of the UI.

And since that point is a lie, I take for granted that you don't actually know anyone who owns an iDevice without knowing how to sync it.

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