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Games The PlayStation 3. For a long time, it was a rather well-protected machine, and it wasn't until early this year that George Hotz finally managed to crack the thing wide open. In essence, it was now possible to jailbreak the PlayStation 3 like you would jailbreak your iPhone, but of course, Sony wasn't pleased. With the recent firmware update, v3.50, Sony went from surgical precision to the battle axe - they blocked all non-Sony USB devices controllers (and a lot of PS2 > PS3 controller adapters) from working.
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by Narishma on Mon 27th Sep 2010 17:41 UTC in reply to "Comment by bryhhh"
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Which is the basis of the reason why I never buy anything with a Sony badge on it, nor will I buy into any other brand that uses propriety formats.

You mean you base your purchasing decisions on false information?

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