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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Is Research In Motion still, well, in motion? Heck yeah they are. They just unveiled their long-awaited tablet, christened the BlackBerry PlayBook. It's got a dual-core 1Ghz ARM processor, and it runs... QNX! This alone already makes it the most awesome tablet ever.
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RE[6]: 2011???
by kaiwai on Wed 29th Sep 2010 00:24 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: 2011???"
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Please stop accusing RIM, Thom is going to have heart attack.

Yeah I know but nothing pisses me off more than circle jerk of Apple haters putting up alternatives which 9/10 people in the world couldn't purchase even if they had funds ready to so.

On a more serious note, having thought about it, it's quite interesting how they've left out important stuff like a price, an actual ship date, storage capacity and no indication of when a 3g model will arrive.

When the iPad was announced they made it pretty clear that they were pricing this aggressively.

They have some important decisions to make which could either make this product a relative success or a failure.

True, I was also wondering the same things about the lack of details - I can understand the old adage of under promise and then over deliver but at the same time if you fail to provide at least the details then people will decide not to hold off their purchases and simply go for the one that is already shipping and is a known quantity.

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