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General Development Anyone who did not see this one coming after Microsoft's patent deal with HTC and Apple's meticulousness in avoiding Windows Mobile in its suit against HTC hasn't been paying attention. Microsoft has filed a patent complaint with the US International Trade Commission, as well as a patent lawsuit in the US District Court for the Western District of Washington against Motorola over its Android-based devices.
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Oh, you are now saying that nobody said such will see a Mono crowd praising Microsoft for their "openess"

And you aren't answering my point. Where has De Icaza ever made a claim that Microsoft is an "open-source company"? You also seem to be mistaking "openness" for "open-source" which would be inaccurate. One could certainly argue that C# is open but that Microsoft is not an open-source company.

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Your had a point? I thought you were just quoting wikipedia. You sure didn't ask any of that in your original comment.

I am not one mistaking openness with open source, Mono fans are doing that.

And yes, C# is open. Like a bear trap.

As for de Icaza, it is on his blog. I am not going to read all his garbage again so I could find and link it here. I have policy against linking trolls. I don't want to give him traffic he don't deserve.

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C# is an ECMA standard, now if you are talking about Winforms or ASP.NET then that is another issue.

There is a trap in Mono but it was laid entirely by Miguel who pushed to clone proprietary parts of .net like Winforms. Don't smear C# just because Miguel is naive.

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