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Humor If you follow the keyboard collectors market (yeah, didn't think so . . .) then you'd certainly know that the IBM model M15 split ergonomic is pretty much the most desirable keyboard out there. A small number of them were made over a short span of time (1994-1995), and their clunky plastic knob and super-adjustable design meant that over years many of them broke. So when one lands on eBay, it's a big deal.
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RE: Comment by tomchr
by Doc Pain on Mon 4th Oct 2010 10:59 UTC in reply to "Comment by tomchr"
Doc Pain
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In my opinion, they're simply too noisy [...]

A keyboard is about typing, not about listening to it. :-)

[...] and have awkward and uncomfortable key travel distance.

That is debatable. Personally, I think key handling (resistance, vertical travel, inter-key distance) is just fine. But I admit that this might be seen differently by anyone else.

The best keyboard I've come across, is the IBM laptop ThinkPad T4x Series NMB type. Quite tactile and snappy.

The IBM Thinkpad keyboards really are very good. Especially the Trackpoint and the three (!) mouse buttons make it powerful. I have a Thinpad 755C which has a keyboard that is even slightly better than all the new models. Your chances to try out such a keyboard are nerly zero, but let me ensure you that it is REALLY excellent.

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