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Legal And so, the idiocy in the mobile industry continues. Motorola has just upped the ante in this already ridiculous spider web of lawsuits by suing the pants off Apple. Eighteen patents are involved, most of which seem to be actual hardware patents, but that doesn't make some of them any less obvious (apparently, you can patent the location of your antenna). Anywho, like Nokia, Motorola claims that Apple is unwilling to license Motorola's patents, and as such, suing was the only option.
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Well, we all know how this will end
by No it isnt on Thu 7th Oct 2010 13:02 UTC
No it isnt
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Apple goes for the gold, and Nokia tells it to start digging. Microsoft comes in from the sideline, throwing Apple a shovel, pointing a gun at Motorola. Motorola claims that if he dies, the others will get nothing: he's pals with Google, the only one who knows where the treasure is buried. Oracle, who's been hiding under a bridge the whole time, throws a grenade in the direction of Google.

Nearby, a horse whispers 'neeeigh!.

Motorola shouts 'neeeigh', and points its gun at Apple. Nokia points its gun to everyone who's packing hardware. Kodak does the same, but is ignored.

They all agree to deal with it like gentlemen, stepping away from each other and holstering their guns. A long stand-off ensues, but finally Microsoft makes a move for its gun, then reconsiders after being strongly frowned upon by the EU. Nokia tries to shoot from his holster, but due to poor communication between his twitchy nerves, he ends up shooting himself in the foot.

In the chaos, Apple tries to take a quick shot at Motorola: click! Again: click! And again: click! click! click! click! Motorola quietly walks over: "There's two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig." Google points out the location of the treasure, Apple unearths it, and Motorola and Google walk away with as much as they can carry.

Nokia limps across the stage, not quite mortally wounded yet, and still with five rounds in his pistol.

Just as THE END is spelt out across the screen, you see Motorola and Google walking out to freedom -- they only have to cross this rickety bridge ...

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