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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu This is kind of... Well, good news, I suppose? It depends on where you allegiances lie, but it seems like Ubuntu is warming up to the idea of using Qt to develop applications. It's no secret that Qt is a far more advanced development framework than Gtk+, so it only makes sense for Ubuntu - a GNOME/Gtk+ distribution - is looking at it.
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Nokia should set up some sort of "blessed" bindings program. The only firm choices to use Qt now are C++ and Python. No other path is really trustworthy. This needs to be expanded at least to the JVM(Java), CLR(C#), and javascript(a node.js for the desktop). Jambi was killed(OK, 'given to the "open source community"') way too soon...

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... and javascript(a node.js for the desktop).

It is possible to script everything in Qt with QtScript, that uses the WebCore javascript runtime.
Actually you can expose any QObject you want, choosing what methods/properties will be available from within js

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