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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Well, this is sure to raise a few eyebrows here and there. Today, at the Ubuntu Developer Summit, Mark Shuttleworth held his keynote speech, and in it, he announced that Ubuntu will switch to the Unity user interface come release, for both the netbook as well as the desktop, leaving the GNOME user interface behind (but keeping the GNOME platform).
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Comment by Praxis
by Praxis on Mon 25th Oct 2010 21:39 UTC
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I was a little apprehensive about the direction the Gnome 3 shell was going in, and was thinking about switching to KDE when it came out. I always liked the way kde did things but performance was an issue the last few releases. I was just going to hope that things had stabilized by the 4.6 version. Now we have Unbuntu also ditching gnome 3 shell. But I'm not sure about Unity yet either. I disliked it for netbooks just because I preferred a 'normal' desktop even laptops with small screens. It will be interesting to see how they want Unity to work for a normal sized desktop. My needs are pretty simple at this point and it does look nice. I'll just have to wait and see.

I just hope people will keep their reviews to the technical merits. All these open source flame wars I've seem recently are really annoying me. As an end user I don't care about Ubuntu's relationship with upstream as long as stuff works. And so far it has for me. I tried to give Fedora a shot recently but my wifi didn't work, so back to Ubuntu for me again. I know there are probably people who had the exact opposite experience and thats fine. Use what works for you and stop worrying about what other people are running.

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