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Windows Windows 8 isn't expected to be released until the end of 2012 and "new feature" details is still officially non-existent, but some of these recent rumours began to bear more weight since a slide was "officially leaked" on This slide although has since been removed, but it can however still be seen on lmsfkitchen.
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RE: gdi / 2d acceleration
by wd850 on Tue 26th Oct 2010 02:24 UTC in reply to "gdi / 2d acceleration"
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IMO Aero is worse that the XP fisher price look for real work.

I work on my PC and don't expect it to look like a toy, additionally Aero gives me eye strain (so does Cleartype), hence I turn them both off an go back to my classic desktop.

As for GDI is already accelerated if you have a WDDM 1.1 driver, it only accelerates a few functions out of about 100+ that were accelerated in XP.

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modmans2ndcoming Member since:

stop using a CRT and you will be fine.

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RE[3]: gdi / 2d acceleration
by Neolander on Wed 27th Oct 2010 20:30 in reply to "RE[2]: gdi / 2d acceleration"
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stop using a CRT and you will be fine.

Wrong. It's on LCDs that Aero is worst, because its bad habit of putting white text on a shiny background is a nightmare as soon as you stop looking with the perfect vision angle (tm). Even worse when reflections start to appear on those horrible shiny screens that took over the computer world some time ago.

I wish the guys who worked on Aero had learned some basic notions of optics first, the contrast notion in particular.

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