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Legal If you can't compete, litigate. This train of thought has been quite prevalent among major technology companies as of late, most notably by Apple and Microsoft, who both cannot compete with Android on merit, so they have to resort to patent lawsuits and FUD. Both Asustek and Acer have revealed that Microsoft plans to impose royalty fees upon the two Taiwanese hardware makers to prevent them from shipping Android and/or Chrome OS devices.
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RE[5]: Anti-competitive?
by TheGZeus on Fri 29th Oct 2010 20:42 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Anti-competitive?"
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Anything but hardware patents are absurd.
It's an actual product that exists and can be commercially sold, or be built by an individual.

The rest can be handled with either copyright, or should not be restricted.
Drugs? It's a chemical result, keep the method a trade secret. People die because they can't afford life-saving drugs, these companies rake in massive profits. I don't think they need patents.
DNA? That's a chemical structure that occurs naturally, and could easily occur randomly, and often is randomly created in nature, discovered, then patented. Those patents restrict cancer research. People die. That's evil.

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