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Mozilla & Gecko clones Following a number of delays, the Mozilla Project has confirmed that it plans to ship the seventh beta for version 4 of its open source Firefox web browser on Wednesday, the 10th of November. This seventh beta for version 4 of Firefox 4 is the first beta to include the new Jaegermonkey javascript engine for Firefox.
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According to Mozilla Vice President of Products Jay Sullivan, the latest development version includes a number of important performance improvements, helping pages load even faster than in previous beta versions and in the current stable 3.6.x branch.

The significant performance gains come from the inclusion of the J├ĄgerMonkey just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compiler, allowing even faster start-up time, better page load speeds and increased web app performance.


Support for more hardware-accelerated graphics has also been added using DirextX technologies on Windows systems and OpenGL on Mac OS X based systems.

Release notes from Mozilla are here:

Within the "Whats New" section of the release notes, Mozilla claims:
"Responsiveness and scrolling improvements from the new retained layers layout system"

PS: The website also says that next development preview, Firefox 4 Beta 8, is scheduled for the 12th of November. That cannot be right ... Nov 12th is tomorrow.

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