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Mac OS X The jokes about two evils joining up are easily made, but I'll try to refrain. Apple recently marked its Java implementation as deprecated. Well, we now know why: Apple and Oracle have announced that Apple will contribute to the OpenJDK project, effectively meaning that Java for Mac OS X will be developed by the OpenJDK community. Why do I have this image in my head?
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I like this move
by JeffS on Fri 12th Nov 2010 19:50 UTC
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It never made sense to me for Apple to write and maintain it's own JVM/JDK for Mac OSX. I'm guessing that they did it because Jobs didn't trust Sun to produce a decent looking and performing version for them.

But now that Oracle owns Java, Jobs and Ellison are good friends, both Oracle and IBM are behind OpenJDK, and Jobs/Apple is probably tired of maintaining their own JVM/JDK, Jobs is probably now comfortable releasing the Apple components of the JVM/JDK to the OpenJDK, and collaboratively maintaining it with Oracle and the OpenJDK community.

This just looks like a win for everyone.

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RE: I like this move
by s_groening on Sat 13th Nov 2010 10:04 in reply to "I like this move"
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I guess Apple never really liked the idea of something being truly open at all - so when OpenJDK seems to get locked down by Oracle's Android/Google patent lawsuits over code bits that might very well be implemented in full compliance with the Java specifications, Oracle and IBM joining hands as well, it now looks much more like the good old days for Jobs, when you could be pretty sure that it was the big 4-5 companies that controlled the market and could do so without paying too much attention to the ongoing outside world...

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