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In the News Wait, what - let me get this straight. A powerful politician, a politician who managed to bring even the largest companies to their knees, is on the side of reason in the copyright debate? Yes, Neelie Kroes, in her capacity as European Commissioner for Digital Agenda, has openly expressed her support for copyright reform. Her argumentation is incredibly lucid and clear, and pretty much echoes everything I've written about copyright here on OSNews.
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RE[7]: Heh
by Veto on Sat 13th Nov 2010 11:33 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Heh"
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You sound a lot like one old man from former East Germany...

A comment like that only makes your ignorance more obvious.

USA has a problem with its debt. That has nothing to do with being a socialist or a capitalist state

It has everything to do with having politicians in the pockets of big corporations.

To be fair, Sweden is doing unusually well for a socialist state, especially if you compare their decline with that of Cuba.

Again. Comparing Cuba with Sweden only serves to expose your ignorance. They are two very different countries.

free medical care ("what care?") are all only illusions of our rights. We only really have what we have earned.

Yes. But earned individually or as a society?

What you call "socialism" in Europe is not about equal living, but about equal rights and equal opportunity. In USA all rights and opportunities seem most proportional with the size of your wallet.

In th USA who is most likely to go to jail: The rich murderer or the poor innocent black kid?

In the USA who is most likely to go to university: The rich dunce or the poor smart?

In the USA who is most likely to be elected: The guy with a vision or the guy serving the corporations?

In the USA who is most likely to get proper medical treatment: The guy working with dangerous chemicals his whole life or his boss with obesity induced heart problems?

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