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Legal "The Combating Online Infringement and Counterfeits Act sets up a system through which the US government can blacklist a pirate website from the Domain Name System, ban credit card companies from processing US payments to the site, and forbid online ad networks from working with the site. This morning, COICA unanimously passed the Senate Judiciary Committee."
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I guess it depends on where the root servers are physically located. I admit I haven't investigated this.

The root servers are all over the world and not all are controlled by American interests. They could just ignore parts of the zone transfers from the US and go on serving the records.
Would make for some interesting controversy, that.

Since U.S.-based registrars will be required to blacklist the records too, it won't matter where you're located.

The registrars does not control the root servers though, only domains that has been registered with them and fortunately not all registrars are US-based.

IOW, this will eventually affect the entire world.

Perhaps or maybe the world finally tells the US to go fuck itself.

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