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Apple Now this is interesting. My brand-new MacBook Air 11.6" is at my local Apple retailer because either the SATA part of the logic board or the SSD died mysteriously, and here we have Apple blocking PhotoFast from selling their faster, more spacious replacement drives.
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I can't help but wonder why anyone would want to "own" (I use the term loosely) a product from a company that obviously believes it can exert total control over that product and how the consumer uses it long after it's left the Apple store?

Well, Apple products are like chicks... it's amazing the amount of shit you will put up with, as long as they're hot ;)

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I know it's just a joke, but it amazes me that people start comparing Apple products with girls now, little bit scary if you'd ask me.

Anyway, I don't see the point of the Macbook Air. I mean if you buy an Apple desktop because it fits good into your interior I still don't get that but I can imagine it a little bit.

But a Macbook air 'netbook', I've seen it in the Apple store starting at $999,-. Ok it looks nice but it's in your laptop bag most of the times anyway. Why would the design of a laptop even matter? It's what you can do with it, it's all about productivity.

Anyway, I went to the Sony store and bought a Vaio for $399, saving myself $600!

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People that care how their laptop looks need Apple, so they can look even more pretentious when they're blogging from coffee shops.

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Anyway, I went to the Sony store and bought a Vaio for $399, saving myself $600!

So what you have bought actually?
Air is Core2Duo + Geforce 320M + fast SSD +
right-sized keyboard + excellent touch pad, etc.
Cheap Vaio netbooks is nowhere near.

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I don't believe it is the looks. I bought a 15" Macbook Pro (2,2) and I love everything about it.

At 4 years old it is aging now, but it is small compared to similarly powerful systems of the time. I self-upgraded the hard drive and RAM recently. I understand the complaint about the replacement SDD's makes this part a little difficult to claim as a pro, but if they had to give an exclusivity deal to Toshiba to get the SDD's at a reasonable price then so be it. In a few years the market will be flooded with upgrade options (or at least I think this is what will happen); and they don't necessarily even need to market them as Macbook Air upgrades. Just let one other device use the same form factor and let the word get out that they work in Air's...

The only other issue that I had was the DVD-R drive stopped burning about a year ago, so a few weeks ago, for the hell of it I popped in a lense cleaner disk and what do you know... burned 8 discs without issue (and the first successful one in over a year)

I have not had a laptop stand up so well in 4 years of time. Maybe it is because I'm older now and I treat my stuff a bit better, but I tend to think that it really is designed and put together better.

I had a Dell that I loved (Inspiron 8000 I think), especially for its upgradable graphics card, and their support was excellent, replacing the rom drive after the system was out of warranty because I had already called previously about the problem when it was in warranty. Their support went downhill after that though so I started looking elsewhere.

And I had an alienware prior to this system and about once a month I had to go in and clean all the heat sinks off because they sucked in enough dust that it caused it to overheat; I started to refer to the heat sinks as lint traps. Their support is also beyond bad. I broke the laptop (my fault completely) and they lost it in their warehouse for two weeks after they claimed to have received it and I had provided proof of delivery. Without actually saying it they accused me of being a liar and a thief. And I paid a lot more for that system than the Mac. I still have it, it still runs, but it still makes me nauseous too look at it when I think of all the trouble it caused.

Apple's support hasn't been awesome, but it has been sufficiently good, and always comes with a smile, which helps. The real upside to it is that I haven't had any significant issues that I've actually needed them for.

Added bonus is that I can run OS X, Windows, and Linux all on the same system (and I do; admittedly in VM's, but the Fedora VM gets LOTS of use.)

Just my two cents...

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Thats one of the best analogies I have seen for Apple products... Really. Just to pile on...

Top 10 Ways Apple Products are like Hot Women

10. If you don't pay enough attention to them they start to act weird.
9. The more accessories they have the better they look.
8. No matter how much trouble they give you, you can't help but love them anyway.
7. Men tend to stare at them a lot when they see another man with one.
6. If you treat them really good they tend to stay sexy longer.
5. They ain't cheap.
4. A newer better version of them comes along just when you get tired of the last one (but they are better than woman in this respect because you natural inclination to kick the old one to the curb is actually encouraged).
3. A single one is ok... but they are REALLY great if you get 2 or 3 of them together at the same time.
2. About once a month during routine updates they tend to go nuts.


1. They can be bitchy as hell if you don't do things just they way they like them done. But if you do things just so they are GREAT.

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