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Multimedia, AV The sweet smell of competition is lingering in the air. That sweet smell which indicates that somewhere in the vicinity a company is working on actually improving a product so we can all benefit. This time around, it's Adobe, delivering the first Flash 10.2 beta. Prime feature? Complete hardware acceleration of the entire video pipeline - fully cross platform, cross-form factor. Cross-platform! There's a catch, though.
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I hate Flash, but what a relief !
by torturedutopian on Fri 3rd Dec 2010 10:32 UTC
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Oh gees ! I've been moaning against Adobe & Flash litterally for years. It makes my system crawl, it's a proprietary piece of software, they took ages before supporting 64 bits Linux (and still partly do).

But what a relief. Finally, I will be able to switch HD movies fullscreen without making everything crawl.

BTW, they chose to use VDPAU. OK, that may be a safe choice, as Nvidia drivers are definitely the best. But I thought there was the VA API (video acceleration) which is more universal ? (and there's a VA->VDPAU wrapper anyway)

OK, now waiting for the 64 build. Hope it won't take 10 more years.

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