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Mac OS X In two recent columns, JLG analysed why iOS may well replace OS X, as well as why it may not be such a good idea after all. "So: Now that I've taken both sides - yes, iOS will be the Apple OS; No, it won't - what do I really believe? I think it's a matter of numbers and layers of software silt. [...] The lure of a fresh start, of a born again OS that I evoked two weeks ago will be too strong. Over time, iOS version 7 or 10 will become the operating system that runs inside most Apple computing devices."
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by SuperDaveOsbourne on Thu 16th Dec 2010 23:43 UTC
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This MacBook Pro I'm working on will be the last Apple hardware devices I own for a long long (maybe forever) time. The LCD approach to consumerism that Apple has come to embrace via the 'new' revolution is just too limiting. Bottom line, too high a price, too low performance. Its really that simple. The good news and silver lining for Apple stock holders is that Apple continues to produce seriously flawed and compromised hardware (I'm an owner of about 10+ generations of hardware since the Apple ][) for the guy that wants to get something more out of 2500 USD hardware than Skype and BOINC. Sorry Apple, the Steve Jobs Bukkake face wash you serve is no longer needed here.

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