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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu InfoWorld's Savio Rodrigues sees 2010 as a watershed year for Ubuntu, one that could herald meaningful enterprise interest in the OS, thanks to a rising tide of developers - and deployment servers - adopting the OS. "As with many recent trends in the IT industry, developers become ambassadors for products they enjoy using and have quickly become an early indicator for enterprise technology usage in the future. In a seemingly perfect storm, Ubuntu is benefiting from strong developer usage, and the fact that developers are increasingly selecting Amazon's EC2 cloud platform bodes well for continued Ubuntu success on EC2," Rodrigues writes, noting that Ubuntu has surpassed Red Hat usage on deployment servers as well. "As that occurs, IT decision makers will need to consider or reconsider Ubuntu for usage within the enterprise. Rest assured that Red Hat won't sit idly by during these discussions."
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Poor article.
by spiderman on Mon 20th Dec 2010 11:21 UTC
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The article is empty of substance. Talking about server deployment and linking that to developers desktop is a bit weird. Ubuntu is a desktop oriented distro. Developers know that. It does not mean administrators use Ubuntu on the server!
Also the Amazon EC2 statistics are completely unrelated to server usage. Those are about virtual machines. The server actually serving those virtual machines are not mentioned. Many of those may not even be serving anything. They may be test machines used by developers indeed.
The Infoworld page is also crippled by adverts. The actual article only covers 25% of the page and it is spread over 2 pages when the content could fit in one paragraph.
The only thing interesting about that is the trolling in OSNews comment section, that is not related to the article but it's fun anyway.

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