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Humor I shall make no bones about the fact that this request is purely filler material, but such threads have been a success in years past. Dear OSNews readers please furnish us with your wondrous and diverse desktop screenshots and machine specifications! Considering that I have used the same wallpaper and platform since 2006, there is no great insight that I can bring to the table. Also, whilst I'm here--OSNews Asks: How have mobile OSes changed your habits this year?
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RE[3]: ta-da!
by Tuishimi on Sun 2nd Jan 2011 14:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: ta-da!"
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If you had an Amiga 1200 PPCfitted accelerator tower, here's quite an impressive Video considering it's running on 604e 233Mhz CPU on a Motherboard that came out in the early 90s.

I found a for sale ad for it, real cheap back around 2000. I brought it to an a/v hardware specialist (who used Amigas to do his own work) and he fixed it up. Ran well for another year, then had some hardware issues. By that time OS X Beta was coming out and I switched my focus to that along side my BeOS machine. Picked up a G3 tower on ebay... and used OS X primarily for the next 8 years. When Windows 7 beta came out I switched and have been using IT primarily.

But when we moved 5.5 years ago, I didn't have room for the hardware so I left it with someone...

Cool video, thanks!

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