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Gifts, Contests, Easter Eggs A few weeks ago, we took a look at TotalFinder, a collection of add-ons to the Mac OS X Finder that fixes some of its shortcomings, adds some welcome features, and in all, makes it a little more pleasant to use. We've got three free copies of TotalFinder to hand out, so read on to find out how you can win one!
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A logical romance
by tb__ on Mon 3rd Jan 2011 11:48 UTC
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Spock had these highly irrational thoughts of Fiona Apple's heinie since 73 hours 37 minutes and 21 seconds now. He was simultaneously disturbed and fascinated by this phenomenon: normally the impression of female fanny only crossed his mind every seven years, always in glittering colors, riding wild unicorns on the endless fields of Vulcan.

Not this time though, not since Fiona was assimilated by the Borg. Suddenly Spock felt an urge to seek out the Borg at once and join their collective himself, thus merging with the mind-numbing non-glittering heinie forever. And felt an even more pressing craving: he wanted to finally use the much dreaded TotalFinder of the Borg. He showed no sign of it, but he always wanted folders first in his standard issue Finder. He found the factory settings illogical and lacking. Not to mention tabs. He was really digging Mac OS X though.

In the end he never ever found or joined the borg and it is unknown if he continued to see his dream cheeks for the rest of his conscious days. Or even if the cheeks told him something of a fairy tale.

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