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SuSE, openSUSE This blog-entry is a short tutorial how to set up Fedora Core's yum on a SUSE Linux 10.0 system, which is officially supported from 10.0 on. The article shows a short comparison of yum and yast as well as the problems yum still has because some servers still do not have yum support.
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worked through the article
by alcibiades on Sun 16th Oct 2005 07:32 UTC
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And its a powerful argument for Debian or Debian based distros.

If you are trying to do installations you can walk away from, and only take the occasional call on, this is not a contender. I'm not sure that YaST is either, when it comes to installing and updating. Whereas if you install Synaptic, you only have to explain it once, have an icon somewhere to invoke it, and your user can manage fine. I really like Suse for end users from a usability point of view, hardware detection and so on, but if you put it in, you really have to be prepared to do all the new software installs and updates yourself.

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RE: worked through the article
by AdamW on Sun 16th Oct 2005 08:35 in reply to "worked through the article"
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...or install apt. which I hear is easy on SUSE. Or use any other distro with a decent package manager (and 'Debian or Debian based distros' is a far cry from a description which covers all of those).

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