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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Steve Chang, the Chairman of Trend Micro, has kicked up a controversy by claiming that open source software is inherently less secure. When talking about the security of smartphones, Chang claimed that the iPhone is more secure than Android because being an open-source platform, attackers know more about the underlying architecture."
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RE[8]: So what code is secure?
by kerframil on Sun 16th Jan 2011 20:07 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: So what code is secure?"
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So why did Ritchie et al. decide to create C ? What was wrong with existing system programming languages on these days ? Why didn't they use the official programming language for a successful operating system instead of baking their own ?

Apparently, B - the successor to BCPL and predecessor of C - was an awkward fit for the PDP-11. Take a look at the section entitled "The problems of B" from Ritchie's historical treatise:

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From this section, what I extract is...
-B handled strings like crap (indeed, for coding something like UNIX where just about everything is a string, this sounds like a big issue ^^)
-B didn't handle floating point data properly, due to its will to treat everything as a word
-B's pointer mechanism was slow
-B was much slower than Assembly as a whole

So it sounds like we have a mixture of language limitations (lack of control) and heavy performance issues, particularly in terms of pointer handling.

Wouldn't we have the same issues with "safe" languages like C# or Java nowadays ?

I mean, I have a hard time picturing myself a scheduler written in Java, as an example, with GC kicking in and freezing the computer in the middle of a task switch.

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Then please take some time to read about Oberon operating system:

The Spin operating system

The Inferno operating system, which is partially programmed in Limbo

The Microsoft Singularity project

The Java Sqwak VM is mainly written in Java and runs on bare metal

Just to name a few well known projects in the area of operating system research.

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