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Xfce When we reported on the release of Xfce 4.8, we ignored a statement inside the release announcement about the lack of new features coming to the BSD world. The statement was a bit disconnected from the rest of the press release, but Xfce developer Jannis Pohlmann has published a blog post giving a few more details about the issue.
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"unix-like" = 9 characters
"*nix" = 4 characters

"a bunch of people" probably like typing five less characters.

Shouldn't it be "unix-like" and "*nix-like", in which case they are exactly the same length?

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jimmy1971 Member since:

Let's look at the *nix naming convention through the other end of the telescope. I hereby would like to put a motion on the table:

GIVEN that UNIX(tm) contains substantial amounts of BSD code and tools, and

GIVEN that through the early 1980's the original "Berkley Unix" project became one of the main code providers for research Unix,

BE IT RESOLVED that all official UNIX(tm) distributions, as recognized by the Open Group, be henceforth referred to as "BSD-like" to avoid confusion with the Berkley Software Distribution and its legitimate descendents.

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phoenix Member since:

Nice. ;) If I hadn't already posted, I would definitely +1 this post. ;)

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"*" meaning "whatever" taken from standard computer use use.
"dir *.exe" meaning display all files where filename ends ".exe"
"rm *20110120.*" meaning remove all files that contain "20110120." in the filename

Thus; "*nix" meaning anything ending in "nix" to include Minix, Linux, BSD Unix, ATT Unix, IBM Unix and so on. You'll also see "*bsd" referring specifically to the BSD branches; OpenBSD, FreeBSD, PC-BSD.

In the end, "*nix" and "Unix like" mean the same thing.

Personally, the amount of time I spend discussing *nix related topics; I'll stick with the shorter "*nix". Not that I'll hold anyone else to that standard as often use "Linux based distributions" or specify a distribution instead of referring to the kernel type ("Linux") and "distribution" instead of "OS". Where the language does not have legal implication (deserved or not); each to there own choice of use.

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Except that Linux ends in "nux", not in "nix".

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Soulbender Member since:

We should just call it "bsd-like" instead. It's shorter and more correct.

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