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Windows "A class action lawsuit against Microsoft has been filed in Italy by a group claiming that it's too difficult to procure a refund for the copies of Windows that come bundled in new PCs."
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A few months ago I was going to buy a Lenovo laptop. I email their customer services and asked if they offered refunds on Windows. They said there was nothing to refund, because the laptop I was asking about had a FREE version of Windows pre-installed.

I asked around and some people said it could have been true, they could have a deal where MS provides Windows for free, in return Lenovo push Windows on all of their laptops.

I in the end I decided not to buy Lenovo laptop, too expensive and the screen quality on most of their laptops is really bad. I went to and got a cheap NetTop without any OS, then installed NetBSD, Linux and Solaris. So there are some hardware retailers that give you the option of buying desktops/laptops without MS Windows. People just have to vote with their wallets.

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Buying a computer without Windows is simply... easier said than done. Good luck to anyone who manages to do this, without building your own machine from scratch.

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Practically any computer shop can build a machine with no OS. Tiger Direct and other online stores have dozens of no-OS ready-built models to choose from.

Laptop selections seems rather limited, but they're out there.

Or buy a Linux-installed computer, and replace the pre-installed Linux with the distro of your choice.

Nothing wrong with building your own either. I'd guess most computer enthusiasts do just that. Any six-year-old is capable of snapping the parts together.

Or buy a Windows computer and complain about it...

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Good luck to anyone who manages to do this, without building your own machine from scratch.

That is what I do. By doing so I am in total control as well.
Doing it with a laptop is virtually impossible and certainly more expensive.
The only reason why I could ask for a refund is that you get tons of crap bundled and you don't even get an original Windows DVD.

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