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Legal "President Barack Obama on Monday nominated former Recording Industry Association of America lawyer Donald Verrilli Jr. to serve as the nation's solicitor general. The solicitor general is charged with defending the government before the Supreme Court, and files friend-of-the court briefs in cases in which the government believes there is a significant legal issue. The office also determines which cases it would bring to the Supreme Court for review. Verrilli is best known for leading the recording industry's legal charge against music- and movie-sharing site Grokster. That 2003 case ultimately led to Grokster's demise when the U.S. Supreme Court sided with the RIAA's verdict." Cough.
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by mdoverkil on Thu 27th Jan 2011 02:00 UTC
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This isn't surprising considering VP Joe Biden is a shill for the MPAA/RIAA

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RE: Figures...
by bassbeast on Fri 28th Jan 2011 03:23 in reply to "Figures..."
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What amazed me was how many actually bought the whole "hope & change" bit. The simple fact is without multiple parties here in the USA voting is pretty much Coke VS Pepsi anymore.

After all BOTH sides are for more government spending, BOTH sides are for more power to the government and less freedom for the individual and BOTH sides kiss the corporate booty like it is going out of style, the only difference is which corporate booty they smooch. The Ds like the saucy taste of big media and union booty, while the Rs prefer the delicate bouquet that comes from the rears of the defense industry and big oil/gas/pharma/agriculture tushy.

Sadly both progressive liberals and fiscal conservatives simply don't have a party anymore, being driven out by pro nanny state and big media shills on the left, and the NeoCons and ultra-religious on the right. The era of conservatives actually conserving or being for personal responsibility and the Dems being for the working poor is over, as in TFA it is about about the big fat checks(TM).

I'm sure before Obama leaves office we'll have some more draconian IP laws like DMCA, maybe yet another extension to the copyright (when is Mickey Mouse due to be public domain again?) while we continue to lose manufacturing to China and innovation is stifled by big media. Don't forget if big media had gotten their way we wouldn't have even been allowed to have VCRs or cassettes.

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