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Fedora Core Fedora is holding a Test Day tomorrow (2011-01-27) to test a new network device naming scheme, as implemented by the biosdevname utility provided by Dell. biosdevname aims to give network interfaces names that are both consistent and appropriate to their physical attributes (onboard device number, or PCI slot), an approach that has been kicked around upstream for a while. This new system will likely come to most distros in future. The Fedora test day will concentrate on making sure it behaves as intended on both new installations and upgrades.
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RE[2]: And...
by avgalen on Sat 29th Jan 2011 06:05 UTC in reply to "RE: And..."
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Since Windows 95 and NT 3.51 only two major changes have happened:
1. The end of the 95-98-98SE-ME line and merging into 2000 (NT 5)
2. Major driver changes in sound, display and network infrastructure between XP/2003 and Vista/2008

We can safely assume that everyone agrees that the first change was for the best and that backwards compatibility was needed. It took until XP SP2 before everyone agreed that this change was actually for the better though.
The second change didn't go so well and took the first service pack and especially Windows 7 for people to realise the changes were actually for the better

So no, MS doesn't change all the time, backwards compatibility isn't as big a problem as people often make it, all changes were indeed for the better and it didn't always work out so well in the beginning

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