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Hardware, Embedded Systems And, of course, just as I decide to leave the live blogging to play a game of Left 4 Dead 2, HP drops the big bombshell right at the end of their press event: webOS is coming to PCs!
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RE[6]: HP Printers
by lucas_maximus on Sat 12th Feb 2011 11:00 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: HP Printers "
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There has never been a Linux Distro that I didn't have to do something on the command line to get something working, I have pretty standard hardware, all Intel (not Sandy Bridge).

Furthermore, most sysadmin graphical tools are just frontends for the backend tools and most of the time in my experience, are either buggy or flat out don't work.

The only Linux installer I trust is the Anaconda installer, since that has been working for about 10 years now.

If using a textual medium such as a forum or irc, you can even just give people a block of text they can paste in... Can't do that with a gui.

And it makes it pretty simple for someone to trash a user's system.

For example I have seen stuff like this, to be run as root on a Linux forum ...

dd if=/home/username/cdimage.iso of=/dev/sda

I am pretty sure something like that would trash most people's systems if they were to run it as root.

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