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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's official. Dismissed as a silly rumour by many, Nokia and Micorsoft have just announced a very comprehensive partnership in which Windows Phone 7 will become Nokia's prime smartphone platform. It goes a lot deeper than that, though. Update: Qt will not be available for Windows Phone 7. Qt will remain the development platform for MeeGo and Symbian. Update II: During its Capital Market Day event, Elop confirmed Nokia will not make a comprehensive MeeGo product line. It will be a platform to learn from, but it won't become a competitive platform. Update III: Android was not an option because it would be difficult to differentiate there. Update IV: There will be 'substantial reductions in employment' in Finland and around the world. Also, before I forget, thanks Engadget for the live-blogging where I get this stuff from!
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RE: What it comes down to.
by werterr on Mon 14th Feb 2011 21:11 UTC in reply to "What it comes down to."
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Yes I agree.

Though should have not switches to Mooblin (sorry but I never seen meego as a merger, only as a switch).

They should have continued on the Maemo path. Creating a second device on a improved Maemo 5/6 base as a successor to the N900. Quickly moving onto a QT UI and settle on ONE! (G)UI and API/ABI. (so no more continiously breaking of apps)

At the same time start rebasing Maemo on modern Debian, taking some bits and pieces from Intel/Moblin where it fits and improving the kernel with that Symbian knowledge. Then by the time Christmas this year there could have been a Maemo 7 or 8 phone. A small device with HD-camcorder and many apps, commercial and foss..

But that would have required one thing that Nokia never really gave to the Maemo/Meego platform... Commitment... True commitment...

Ah well.. guess HP is playing relatively nice now with WebOS... so maybe that's the future instead...

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