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Windows So, Mobile World Congress is going on over in the beautiful city of Barcelona, and there, Steve Ballmer held a little speech about Windows Phone 7's past, present, and future. Especially the future interests us, as a lot's been planned for this year: copy/paste, hardware-accelerated mobile Internet Explorer 9, and, yes, multitasking!
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RE: Fast task switcher 2.0
by sukru on Mon 14th Feb 2011 23:32 UTC in reply to "Fast task switcher 2.0"
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You're technically correct.

But I can understand why MS is doing this. After installing/updating some apps, I often see my battery usage go up 20% in average. Then I need to diagnose which particular apps are not started to work in the background, and configure/disable those features.

I remember having one particular news app (will not name) hiking my usage from 8mA/idle to 60mA/idle effectively killing my battery in a day.

(Edit: This is for my Android phones).

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