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Hardware, Embedded Systems Leo Apotheker has big plans. HP (relatively) new CEO wants to transform the company, and is willing to break with almost everything his predecessor Mark Hurd set out. How about webOS on every computer shipped by HP?
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Quote: why do you need webOS for that? Grab Debian, Fedora or anything else in a headless form.
Quote: would make sense to remove GUI from WebOS

Yes, I agree with you both. Another angle, HP develops it's own Linux distro "called" webOS-2 and uses it as the article describes.
I would see advantages in marketing a well known "name" regardless of the hardware or architecture....

smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, toasters, etc, X86, ARM, etc

Quote: to virtualize Windows, giving everything more advanced than word processing poor performance

The company I work for is #184 in fortune 500. The plant I work for has.... stretching it 3 people who would actually need more than "word processor" power.

Quote: keeping Windows running well is easier than ever, and a much smaller headache than having to backup files and restore an OS

I was thinking along the terms of a simple desktop snapshot to restore.
I'll be the first to admit though I'm not an IT guy. Although I have gotten asked to help with computer issues a few times.

Our hardware is Levono "IBM" and we still run XP and just recently updated to IE7.

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Where'd my edit button go??

I was thinking along the terms of a simple OS snapshot to restore.

The last Windows XP computer I "fixed" for a friend, took the better part of an afternoon to get straightened out.

Would have been much quicker and easier to just reinstall, but I was trying to do a favor and save it. She has a dual boot XP & Linux now.

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So... nothing in this article matters to you.
Nothing in this comment has anything to do with this article...

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