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Hardware, Embedded Systems Leo Apotheker has big plans. HP (relatively) new CEO wants to transform the company, and is willing to break with almost everything his predecessor Mark Hurd set out. How about webOS on every computer shipped by HP?
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RE: recompiling...uptaking
by sorpigal on Thu 10th Mar 2011 11:56 UTC in reply to "recompiling...uptaking"
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Recompiling is not rewriting but if you recompile it, can you recompile it for Linux in one dev enviroment?

Chances are no.

It takes an enormous amount of effort to ensure portability when writing code. CPU portability is not so hard if you write in a high level language, to the point where most Windows apps probably just need "a recompile" to run on Windows/ARM. Making your application also work on a totally different OS is a completely different (and huge) challenge for any non-trivial program.

Unless the Windows application was written via a cross-platform toolkit and the developers have already taken care not to introduce any Windowsisms then you will need more than a recompile to make it run on Linux. Even if some care had been taken to be portable chances are that you would have to write *at least* a small amount of code for the "Linux layer" that would necessarily sit under your cross platform code when running on Linux. In all probability most applications would require what amounts to a total rewrite to run on Linux, or would require serious hackery with wine. Both of these things are extremely non-trivial and would not happen for most vendors without some major economic incentive.

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