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Legal After news of the settlement between Sony and George Hotz came out, we had a few unhappy people complaining about how Hotz would now keep all the money donated to him, that he would run off to some tropical island, never to be heard from again. Well, as it turns out, Hotz has actually kept his word: he donated all the leftover donated money to the Electronic Frontier Foundation.
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RE: Only Problem
by Morgan on Wed 20th Apr 2011 00:34 UTC in reply to "Only Problem"
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Pardon me while I take out a loan to donate money I don't have to my favorite organization so I can live up to your lofty ideals. /facepalm

People gave him money to support him in his fight against Sony, and he spent some of the money fighting Sony. I fail to see the issue with that. There was no expectation of an all-out win; I'm pretty sure most who donated to him expected a far worse outcome than the actual one. I'd say he was quite honorable in how he handled the entire situation, including his generous donation to the EFF, some of which was his own money (i.e. not donated to him).

On that note, exactly how much have YOU donated to the EFF? I doubt it is anywhere near 10k.

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