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Mozilla & Gecko clones "IonMonkey is the name of Mozilla's new JavaScript JIT compiler, which aims to enable many new optimizations in the SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine. InfoQ had a small Q&A with Lead Developer David Anderson, about this new development that could bring significant improvements in products that use the SpiderMonkey engine like Firefox, Thunderbird, Adobe Acrobat, MongoDB and more."
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Weird... In my experience, the Linux builds have always been the fastest by far in everyday use.

It is entirely possible that your Linux distribution (as opposed to Mozilla labs) did not have any issues with its build system.

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If it's Gentoo, for example, the build process of Firefox is already what Mozilla is going to do, i.e. the optimizations per se have taken place as soon as you typed "emerge firefox"

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No, Gentoo dont do profile guided optimization, if it does, tell me how to enable it.

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