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Apple Apple has released the source code for WebKit in iOS 4.3, which it had been withholding for eight weeks. However, according yo Jay 'saurik' Freeman, they are still not, and never have been, in compliance with the LGPL. "Apple's provided source code (which /is/ heavily modified for the iPhone) [...] isn't even complete enough to compile (it is missing a bunch of code for the WAK* classes), so Apple has simply never been in compliance with this license," Saurik writes. So, it would seem that Apple is still violating the LGPL, and has been doing so for a very long time. Funny how this never makes it to mainstream technology sites. I guess they find their pre-release review devices more important.
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RE: Troll???
by JAlexoid on Tue 10th May 2011 00:33 UTC in reply to "Troll???"
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Why can we mark comments as "Troll", but we can't mark the actual articles that way?

I'll probably get marked for being off topic here as well, but, that "article" was written in a way to do nothing more than to get people riled up. Some of the other comments here highlighted sections of the LGPL that might have been violated (or might not have been ... innocent until proven guilty et al). If the copyright holders have an issue, then they should talk to Apple. However, this "article" did not mention anything about what section of the GPL was violated, where the problem was, if other had the same problem, or anything else! Just some more FUD, with no substance.

Not sure if this is really news or not? Hence, I want the ability to flag so called "articles" as "Troll (-1)"

You do understand that the whole idea of (L)GPL is that it applies downstream also. Not only the copyright holder has rights, but the user also.

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RE[2]: Troll???
by MacMan on Tue 10th May 2011 05:23 in reply to "RE: Troll???"
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that "article" was written in a way to do nothing more than to get people riled up.

The "article" is related to Apple, and written by Thom, were you expecting something different?

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