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Legal This is certainly worth a meagre +1 in my book: patent troll Lodsys has actually taken the time to answer some of the concerns on the web regarding its legal threats to several small-time iOS developers. There's some interesting stuff in there.
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RE[2]: Still fsckd up
by looncraz on Mon 16th May 2011 18:38 UTC in reply to "RE: Still fsckd up"
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U.S. Patent 5999908

Customer-based product design module.

This patent deals with a product which phones-home due to certain events. The patent covers stored user alerts, stored user data, recognition of triggers, then sending that data back to a server so someone can look at it to help the client.

Any application which can phone home information about the user, user statistics, or error reports will violate this patent.

It was filed Sep 19, 1997.

I believe prior art exists in the server market by I.B.M..

U.S. Patent # 7222078

Methods and Systems for Gathering Information from Unites of A Commodity Across a Network.

This patent is generically worded it is hard to make sense of it. Basically, it is an in-application survey.

Patent filed 12/10/2003. I have prior art in this category with the yellowTAB Zeta Updater and the registration application [neither publicly used]. Feb-Apr, 2002.

The patent naturally makes it sound more advanced than it is. But it is nothing more than a survey process spread out into action points with flow diagrams.

The other patents are just as stupid and obvious.

The wording and the actual patent filing are all to which Abelow may law claim.

I may take it upon myself to challenge these patents, but I'm pretty broke & lazy, so that'll probably never transpire.

--The loon

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RE[3]: Still fsckd up
by JAlexoid on Tue 17th May 2011 04:44 in reply to "RE[2]: Still fsckd up"
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You know that there is a whole battalion of lawyers that transformed that IBM patent into the lawyerspeak that makes sure that it passes the USPTO.
The initial patent document is very clear and understandable, but the final document after N number of lawyers going over it becomes what gets submitted and granted.

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RE[4]: Still fsckd up
by looncraz on Tue 17th May 2011 17:58 in reply to "RE[3]: Still fsckd up"
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Those weren't IBM patents, those are two of the four patents related to the article, seriously.

--The loon

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