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General Development The name Fabrice Bellard may not be recognizable to a lot of people, but the work he carries out as a programmer and computer scientist is. . . . He is a very talented programmer, and his latest project demonstrates once again just how talented he is. Using the super-fast JavaScript engines that now come as standard in popular web browsers, he has managed to create a PC emulator that runs in a browser. As a demonstration he has posted a link to a version of the Linux kernel running in such a scenario.
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RE: I've seen this before....
by shmerl on Thu 19th May 2011 00:11 UTC in reply to "I've seen this before...."
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Doom in an applet is impressive ;)

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Doom in an applet is impressive ;)

Nope. Playing Quake 2 in browser is much more impressive.

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"Nope. Playing Quake 2 in browser is much more impressive."

(The server seems to be down?)

That's certainly true. However there are significant differences. The quake game engine was re-engineered to run over a the webgl graphics system, so it's not technically using the original quake rendering engine.

The java emulator, on the other hand, can emulate any x86 os/application which ran on a compatible PC. It'd be fun to see the java applet emulator running the original quake engine.

Pretty soon java will be nothing more than a historical footnote.

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