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Windows As you all know, Microsoft is hard at work making sure Windows 8 runs well on tablets, including a completely new, Windows Phone 7-like Metro user interface. Another similarity between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 7, apparently, is that Microsoft will be controlling the hardware experience rather tightly. This all comes from Acer CEO J. T. Wang.
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by coreyography on Tue 31st May 2011 22:15 UTC
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They want to be Apple, but they don't want to go into the (PC) hardware business.

This is going to be interesting. The Microsoft of the past would cripple the hardware specs, or software, or both, to prevent these from cannibalizing "real" Windows 8 sales. Will it then be competitive with the iPad? (Note that cannibalizing other MS products is not really an issue that Windows Phone faced.)

On the other hand, if they price copies of Tablows 8 at typical Microsoftian levels, the devices start to get too expensive, and the hardware makers' sales and profit margins get squeezed. I already think tablets are way overpriced, so they don't have much wiggle room on this front.

Oh well...I'm one of those minority of geek rebels who don't like the lack of choice in either case. When someone makes me a $200-300 tablet that will run any Linux (or maybe a BSD) I want to put on it, I'm all over it. Until then, my Android phone will have to do.

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RE: Pricing?
by dsmogor on Wed 1st Jun 2011 13:21 in reply to "Pricing?"
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MS has enough cash to even subsidize them until they make a dent in the market.

All they have to achieve is to make windows app developers slap metro interface on top of their entrenched mature apps.
With that there will be an onslaught of great (hopefully) touch friendly software. Google better act quick because Android doesn't stand a chance once Win8 picks pace.

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