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Internet & Networking It's official now. The signs had been there for a while now. While the west bangs on about the importance of freedom and democracy, they don't actually want anyone to have too much of it. The US, France, and the UK have jointly pretty much declared war on freedom on the web.
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RE[2]: Build another dike!
by Neolander on Fri 10th Jun 2011 07:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Build another dike!"
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You know, the Netherlands probably have their nasty side too. You just won't know it until you've stayed here for some time, or someone living there has explained it to you.

As an example, I know that at the time, they were one of the strongest supporters of "mosquito" devices that (inefficiently) attempted to prevent young people from going to certain places (see e.g.,1518,621025,00.html , the issue was widely covered at the time). Maybe this lampshades some deeper extremist attitude towards youth. I can't tell without more research.

Knowing that it took me almost one month before I recently learned about *one* big issue of Sweden for researchers, while doing an internship there... I'd say that learning about a country's problems certainly does take some time.

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RE[3]: Build another dike!
by werterr on Sat 11th Jun 2011 18:57 in reply to "RE[2]: Build another dike!"
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There still couple of those in my neighbourhood. I'm not a teen any more, but here hear these damned things just fine and I can tell you that sound is terrible...

It's like having a headache...

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